Nearly 2,000 students from the Canadian international school system, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City have just celebrated the 2023 Lunar New Year festival with many traditional colors.

Vietnamese and foreign students participate in folk games such as tug of war, and flag robbery, and participate in advocacy activities when students are divided into houses to interact with each other. In addition, the children also have the opportunity to follow the artisans of making to he and learn about the typical culture of the regions through the exhibition.

Traditional Vietnamese Tet is vividly recreated

At the festival, the 3-regional Tet market was recreated. More than 50 stalls, most of which are operated and managed by students themselves, not only sell Vietnamese cuisine but also have traditional Tet games. Not only learning about Vietnamese culture, but this opportunity also gives students the opportunity to experience and practice knowledge learned at school such as home economics; entrepreneurship topics…

Students and teachers performed exciting musical performances. Many teachers from many countries also performed traditional Ao Dai.

Vietnamese and foreign children together experience Vietnamese folk games such as hopscotch, stall jumping

Not only high school students, but preschool students also experience the typical Tet space of three regions, pack Banh Chung, mold to he, perform folk songs of three regions, play stall dancing...

Experiencing the Vietnamese New Year festival not only brings joy to foreign students but also impresses many teachers.

Mr. Kendall Kloss said Tet is an interesting experience for foreign teachers in Vietnam. Traditional Vietnamese New Year is even more interesting when teachers and students prepare for the festival at school.

“We have a large family, students from Vietnam, Korea, the US, and Canada…, everyone is excited to discover the diversity in the community's culture, and experience the folklore. Vietnam,” said teacher Kendall Kloss.

Students have more opportunities to understand more about Vietnamese culture 

Mr. Rick Hayward, who has lived in Vietnam for 9 years, shared: “Living in Vietnam for many years, I have understood the meaning and importance of Tet. In Vietnam, during Tet, everyone does everything together. People gather, share stories of the past, and give lucky money for the new year, creating a cozy atmosphere. And during the three-region Tet festival today, it's really great to see students enjoying and having fun at the festival, foreign and Vietnamese teachers interacting with each other."



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