CVK Campus greeted students back to school after a short yet meaningful summer in bustling way. There are bright smiles on their faces whilst meeting their friends and teachers; thus, there also have some kids with tears rolling on their cheeks for the first school day as well as first time they are far from their parents.

Ba Mẹ cùng bé hào hừng ngày đầu đến trường

Cô giáo đón bé ngày đầu tiên đến trường

For welcoming first day of school, CVK hosted “Colorful handprint” activity for all students learning at CVK campus. This activity was received an energetically positive reaction from students which consequently created an artistic masterpiece of BACK TO SCHOOL.

Eventually, CVK wish all little angels would have a fantastic new school year with intriguing lessons from teachers and fascinating experience. Everyday coming to school is a happiness that CVK would be a place full of jovial smile.