Welcome to CVK - Place of Smiles!

At CVK, we always keep in mind the spirit of children, which helps our little kids be comfortable with themselves and the adults could relive their childhood as well. We are inspired by philosopher John Dewey, "Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself". Every day, we come to CVK to enjoy the experience, and together, we share our days filled with smiles.

As a member of the Canadian International School System-Vietnam (CISS), CVK follows the CISS educational philosophy, which educating free, confident and adaptable. Since the beginning, we have driven the Character Education in Action of Ontario Curriculum (Canada) by giving the series of events as well as daily activities devised by kids. We also believe that each child is unique and needs to be respected as Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence has pointed out. We also deeply understand that each child is the world of one's own to foster a close friendship between school and parents: We are for our children! Every day, we focus on building the connection in our children: It is the connection with themselves that helps them to find inner happiness and confidence; It is a connection with nature that helps them be close and cherish life; It is also the connection with friends, with adults so that children could feel in love and more blessed to give and receive.

We are CVK - Here you come for Hugs, Love and Smiles!

 Ms. Tran Thi Le Hang - Foundation Principal of CVK